4 most common mistakes brands are doing on Instagram

Launched in 2010, the social network Instagram has quickly developed, having more than 300 million daily users. Although it may seem surprising, 85% of the top 100 brands in the world are active on Instagram. The Instagram app has been one of the social networks that has enjoyed significant user growth in 2014.

Even though it is available for more than 5 years, companies all over the world are still trying to discover the tips and tricks of efficiently using Instagram. In this process, many brands are making some crucial mistakes that can affect them a long period of time. In order to avoid these kind of situations and to help you use the best techniques while promoting on Intragram, we followed the profiles of some of the biggest brands, we have analyzed and identified the most common mistakes they are making:

They don’t have a clearly defined purpose
Instagram offers brands an important opportunity to promote a certain product through photos and videos. Whether you like to achieve brand awareness, to promote a new product or offer an opportunity to your followers to meet your team, every post needs to help you achieve that goal. You can answer to a lot of questions regarding a certapin product using only an image or a video, you can show to your followers how versatile a product really is or you can ask them to help you in the development process of a new product (concept, strategy etc.). Make sure that behind every post is a well planned strategy.

Different social networks, same post
Choosing the best social network for a brand is a very difficult task. The good news is that each and every social network has a different purpose and is targeting a different audience. For example, is you are recruiting for a new opening, the social network that will bring you the most candidates will most certainly be LinkedIn. The purpose of social  networks is to keep in touch with potential customers that have the same interests, but have different behaviors. It is very possible that your users follow you on Instagram, as well as Facebook and Twitter, which means that they want to see different content. Instagram is known for originality and uniqueness. Even if youy are using the same image, adapt the description based on your customers behaviors.

Focusing more on quantity, not quality
In order to post quality content to each and every social network, you must firsta analyze how does that function. Instragram users are scrolling more quickly through images that are displayed on their smartphones, which means that you have to create unique images, that capture the attention of the user. If you post high quality content, from images to descriptions, your users will be more interested in your products or services.

Hashtag misusage
Hashtags are a huge part of Instagram, that help users quickly find the information they are looking for. Startups must be aware of the advantages that hashtags offers and to use as many popular and relevant hashtags as they can so as to attract a huge number of potential customers. This year, many brands have developed successful campaigns over a certain hashtag. The most important ones were created by Coca-Cola (#ShareACoke, Oreo (#OreoHorrorStories), Audi (#WantAR8) and Red Bull (#PutACanOnIt). You need to remember that images description must not contain more than 11 hashtags. So, carefully choose  the hashtags for your images.

Instagram is constantly changing, in the 5 years os existance managed to transform from a selfie and food app into a powerful marketing tool. To benefit from the advantages this social network has to offer, be open-minded and try to find unique and original ways to differenciate from the competition and to inspire your customers and potential customers.