6 tips for a successful PowerPoint presentation

PowerPoint is a powerful tool for business, that used at full capacity can bring a lot of benefits to a company. Most often, however, entrpreneurs lose sight essential elements when creating a PowerPoint presentation. Nothing is more boring than a long presentation, with slides full of text, no images and a not very well chosen subject. A professional PowerPoint presentation must be developed based on the 10-20-30 rule: 10 slides, last no more than 20 minutes and the text must be written in a 30-point font.

Follow these steps to create a professional PowerPoint presentation:

Build the presentation based on your target audience
In order to achieve an effective presentation it is important to know your target audience: who is it?, what subjects are important for them?, what does they know and what they want to find out?, what are they doing for living? All of these information will help you create a powerful PowerPoint presentation, that will have a strong impact on those present in the room.

Set the presentation structure
Start with identifying the goals of the presentation and than focus on the things that your target audience knows about your company and what is their attitude towards your products and services. Once established these aspects, it will be much easier for you to develop the structure of the presentation. Highlight the main ideas of the presentation and establish how you want your message to be sent (via images, clips, text, examples etc.)

Do not read the slides
Nothing is more boring than participating at a presentation that actually turns out to be a reading. The purpose of the slides is to help the public follow the presentation and possibly to take notes on the main points. The speaker must know what information follows after each slide and what should be mentioned.

Use easy to read fonts and colors
It is possible that there is a huge number of people at your presentation, and the colors and fonts you choose are very important. The experts recommend using Helvetica or Arial. You can choose a more sophisticated font for titles, which are bigger than the rest of the texts.

Close your presentation with a call-to-action
To achieve your goals, tell to your audience what to do next. You can close your presentation with an invitation to access your company’s website, to subscribe to your newsletter, to participate to your next training/workshop, to download an e-book etc. Without a very clear call-to-action, your audience will not know what to do next.

Other thing that you need to be aware of:

– avoid using jargon;
– don’t add to much text;
– add relevant images;
– ask questions and answer to your audience questions;
– don’t use many bullet points.

These tips will help you create effective PowerPoint presentations, that send your message quicly and clearly. Take your time to create the presentation and edit it as many times as necessary.