How to create a LinkedIn page for your company?

LinkedIn, the third most popular social network in the world, with over 300 million active users has become increasingly used in the Romanian business industry. Being a social network focused on business, it requires seriosity in discussion topics and also in relationship with other users.

In order to create a successful company page, the owner of the company or an employee must already have a personal profile. The purpose of a LinkedIn page is to gain credibility among customers and business partners through interesting posts such as events organized by your company, attending events or jobs openings. Here are some tips and tricks that help you create a powerful linkedIn page:

1. Choose your profile picture carefully – your profile photo helps users to identify your company in over 3 million companies thet own a LinkedIn page. Most companies choose to use their logo as a LinkedIn profile photo. If the profile picture somehow limits your creativity because of iys small size, the cover photo allows you to create a special design that highlights your company’s beliefs and objectives.

2. Add products and services – start adding your products and services. Every page of your products can include a link to your website. Take advantage of the opportunity to present the benefits of your products.

3. Post interesting content – constantly update your content. Answer to your visitor’s questions and give them professional solutions to their needs. This way, whenever they need advice they will know where they can find it.

4. Make connections – LinkedIn offers you a range of tools which lets you get in touch with new people from your business field: you can import contacts from your email account, you can create links with people and companies that LinkedIn is suggesting.

5. Subscribe to different groups – the role of groups is to interact with professionals in your field. By registering and participating in different groups, your company becomes more visible and it can also give you valuable information. LinkedIn gives you details about the groups you are active in and also about groups that your connections are a part of. Using LinkedIn group Statistics you can learn how many people are part of a certain group, how active those people are, location, job and other important information.

6. Track your profile – find out what kind of post got the most clicks, which one was shared etc.

As mentioned above, LinkedIn is a social network that requires seriousity. This is the reason why the number of connections is not that important. What matters the most is who are the people that follow you, what is their job and what connection do they have. This is the main difference between LinkedIn and other social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.