How to create a successful Social Media plan?

The secret behind a successful Social Media plan is in its planning. Because every social network bring different benefits to its users, entrepreneurs tend to create accounts on all of them. What is overlooked in this case is that every account needs a different strategy, every social network needs a different strategy. After all, the purpose of creating and maintaining a social media profile is to build relationships based on communication.

Studies show that 33% of consumers use social networks to discover new brands, services or products. Owning a Facebook, Twitter or Google+ page that is not updated can bring more negative things to your business than not having one in the first place.

Tips and tricks for a successful Social Media plan:

1. Choosing the right platforms
To get the  desired results is very important to choose the right platforms. You must choose the social networks depending on the type of content you post on your website, your target audience, competition and your goals:

Facebook – for friends
Instagram – creative images, photos from your office;
LinkedIn – for business;
Twitter – instant news.

2. Set your goals
Before planning your Social Media strategy you must analyze your company to see how you stand in relation to your competitors and what are the results you want yo achieve. Set your Social Media Marketing campaign based on these elemets and add relevant content, that can help you meet your objectives.

3. Maintain the relationships with your virtual friends
Posting on your page is not enough, you have to always answer to their comments and give powerful answers. It is very important to post constantly and to be involved in your virtual friends conversations.

4. Content and advertising
In Social Media you must follow the 70-30 rule: 70% of the content must be focused on the users and ask them to join the conversation, while only 30% must be advertising material. This way, once you gain your visitors’ trust through interesting posts, they will pay more attention to your ads.

A plan for Social Media strategies is an important step in the global development of your business. The connections made through social networks, such as clients, business partners or employees, have a huge influence over your business.