How important is a backup service for your website?

A backup service is essential for your business. The entire database, which includes pages, images, content and other important information,  must be supported by a powerful backup system. Without a backup service, your websites is constantly exposed to dangers, such as laptop or computer failure, an employee can accidentally delete some important files or even a hacker can get into your database. However, studies show that 40% of small and mediul sized companies do not use a backup service.

How often an update is made to your database is another important element and it must be done everytime you add or edit content in your website. If you have an online store, that is constantly updated with new content it is best to create backup at least once a week.

As mentioned above, without a professional backup service are in permanent danger. The most common issues that can occur are:

Hackers – when it comes to your business you must, not only assume, but make sure that it is safe. A tiny mistake in the development process of your website can be seen as an open door by hackers around the world. Companies like Master card & Visa, Nissan, DropBox have been hacked.

Server failure – although servers were developed with technology, it is possible to stop working. If you don’t prevent such situations, your business may be affected for a long period of time. Contact the hosting company and ask questions about the backup options that it provides.

Unitentionally delete important data – a colleague may accidentally delete important files. The risks grow even more if you work from home because guests, children or other family members can easily have access to your computer or laptop.

The most important reasons to choose a backup service are:
– increased safety;
– it is user-friendly;
– quick access to all of your  documents and files;
– in case of disaster, your data is safe;
– flexibility.