How to use Instagram for business?

Social networks are an effective way to attract new customers ant keep the existing ones. Social media offers a large opening towards customers worldwide. Every piece of information is spreading very fast, in just a few minutes to have access to news from every corner of the world.  Using Instagram you can get in contact with people or companies that you could never imagine that it would be possible. Follow these tips and create your own Instagram community:

1. Show your products – post images of your latest products and try to keep customers interested. For example you can ask questions like “what is your favourite color for the X product” or “which product would you choose? A or B?”. You can also promote your products by adding picture of your customers using your product.

2. Involve your followers in your activities – if you attend a press conference or other event, add photos. Also, if you are ready to launch a new product show a preview to your customers.

3. Make your followers feel special – give them previews and backstage images. This way you will make them curious and they will follow your profile regularly.

4. Show them your team and office 

5. Use #hashtags – use specific, relevant hashtags. You will attract more followers who are interested in your products and they will continue to comment on your photos.