How important is technical support for your customers?

Technical support is very important for your customers and it can influence their buying decision. Studies show that 90% of the clients who want to purchase a product or service, check if the company provides customer support. Your website visitors can lose interest in your products or services when they find out that they can’t contact a company representative when they need more details regarding products, payment gateways or shipping.

Being such an important thing to your customers, there are multiple ways to provide technical support:
– by email – customers like this method mostly because they can attach documents or images that reflect a product malfunction.
– by phone – when providing telephone support, time is a critical issue to the customers. No one has the patience to wait for long periods of time until an operator answers the call.
– live chat – this service is available at any time, 24/7. At least theoretically. To check an employee availability regarding technical support via live chat, many customers leave a message and compare the response time from one company to another.
– blog and social networks – this is another method to answer to your customers’ questions, but in an indirect way. Through a Facebook post or a blog article, customers can find the information they want, without having to contact you directly.

Customer support can make the difference between two companies with identical products and services and with similar prices. Although there are other things that contribute to the purchase decision, technical support is a very important component. The company that provides quick customer support will have an important competitive advantage against the other. Even more, McKinsey found that a customer that is not satisfied with a customer service will tell between nine and twenty people. You don’t want to lose those potential customers only because your customer support is not good enough.

There is no better or less good way to provide technical support, as long as the customer quickly gets the desired information.