Kilpatrick Group.

Project description


Founded in 1997 , Kilpatrick has become a leader in Executive Search. The company’s main purpose is to find the best directors, managers and specialists in various fields such as automotive, banking, financial, pharmaceutical, industrial, IT, construction, logistics and transportation. The experience and the quality services have turned Kilpatrick into an important pawn internationally. Currently, Kilpatrick headquarters are in Italy, India, Germany, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Romania (Timisoara and Bucharest), Turkey, Netherlands, UK, USA and Latin America, Bangladesh and Poland.

When a company as complex as Kilpatrick wants to bring changes to its logo, the competition is very high. You must have a comprehensive portfolio, to provide high quality services based on years of experience and to deliver the final product on time. Dow Media fulfilled all these conditions, to which were added creativity, originality and passion for the day by day work . This way Dow Media has become Kilpatricks partner to create a new logo.

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Project details

  • Date February 3, 2015
  • Tags Logo design
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