Tips for effective exposure on Facebook

You’ve surely heard of Facebook, the biggest social network in th world. With over 1.23 billion monthly active users, 947 milion users access Facebook through their mobile phones and 757 million users access their profile daily, Facbook continues to grow and to increase its number of users. Studies show that users interact with favourite companies via Facebook more than they do through any other social network. Moreover, the chances that they share your company profile and purchase your products and services are very high.

Before creating a Facebook page for your company, make sure your objectives are established – you want your business to become visible in the online environment, you want to increase conversions. With well established goals, you will biuld your strategy around them, which leads to immediate results.

Add constantly high quality content. You need to consider the fact that not all customers acces their Facebook page daily, and to make sure that you keep them interested, post valuable, original information at least three times a week. Don’t forget to monitor every post to get closer to your customer preferences.

One of the most interesting aspect of social media is that you are in direct contact with your customers 24/7. It is very important to answer to your customer’s questions, messages and comments. If you don’t give them an answer, your customers and potential customers will soon believe that you don’t care about their problems and they will lose trust in your products and services.

Make the best of your “About” section. When a use ends up on your bussiness Facebook page you must give him or her relevant information about your company. It is also important that your contact informatin (address, email address, telephone number, website) can be easily accessible.

The profile photo is basically what helps customers to find you in over 1 billion active Facebook accounts. So, your profile photo must be clear at both the initial size and at 43 x 43 pixels.

Add a call-to-action for users to like your Facebook page on your website, but also on your business cards, quotations, brochures and other promotional materials. You must also post videos from your YouTube channel. This way, your customers will get easier to other YouTube posts.

Given these tips, your company’s Facebook page will attract a large number of potential customers, who will quickly turn into customers or business partners.