How to use Google Plus for your business?

Google Plus is currently used by 540 million users. This social network managed to collect 90 million users in the first year since it launched (Facebook has reached the same number of users in 4 years and Twitter ub 5 years). However, when it comes to social media, most people think about Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and not with Google Plus. Before learning about how to use Google Plus, it is important to understand the advantages that this platform has to offer.

Why do you need to use Google Plus?

Large number of users – with over 540 million monthly active users, Google Plus is the second most popular social network in the world, after Facebook. Companies from around the world start using this social network. Your customers are using social networks, and you must keep up wth the changes that occur frequently in the online environment and in your customers and potential customers behavior. Otherwise, they will choose another company.

Brand engagement Рstudies show that more than 3 million users interact with more han 2,50 posts through social networks.  Google Plus brand posts had an impact approximately equal to Facebook posts and nearly double to Twitter posts.

All of the Google Plus posts are indexed by Google Search – the first positions of search engine results are the most hunted by online business owners, mostly because 50% of the clicks are directed towards them.

In order to get the desired results and benefit from the advantages Google Plus as to offer, you need to keep in touch with your customers and potential customers. As your website must always be updated with new content, latest news and offers, your social media profiles are designed to give customers the opportunity to meet with you in an informal environment.

How to use Google Plus?

Use Google Plus on other social networks
Post on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks that you are now using Google Plus. Don’t forget to add a link to your Google Plus profile. Do not expect that all of your virtual friends to follow you on Google Plus, but it is important to give them options when it comes to intearcting with your business.

Add imagines and videos in your posts
These have a much bigger impact on visitor, than just a simple text. Benefit from this to make your customers curious. In addition, if you share a YouTube video on your Googple Plus profile, the comments received will appear on both Google Plus and YouTube accounts.

Create contests only for your Google Plus friends
Although you cannot create contests and promotions on Googple Plus, you can determine your friends and followers on other social networks to follow your profile if they want to enter the contest.

Create multiple circles
The advantage this option gives you is that customers can clearly delineate other companies. Google Plus lets you choose whether you send a message to all circle or only to some specific people.

Track your Google Plus account
A close traking of your social media accounts will bring only benefits to your business. You will always know what customers think about you and your products, what improvements you could bring and what strategy suits your business best.