How to write articles that attract visitors?

The main purpose of a blog is to attract a large number of visitors, no matter if it is integrated into an online store, a presentation website or it is a stand alone blog. The success of an article is based on the strategy behind it, but also on the chosen subject and the way that it is presented.

The most important steps that you need to follow in order to write a successful article are:

1. Find the right topic
The best way to find topics for your blog articles is to access websites that your potential customers follow and read. After choosing the topic, read all the articles that appear on the front page of Google when searching for a certain keyword. You must gather information from many sources and present them in a unique way that contains original ideas and new interesting things. Don’t forget to share your own articles on social media!

2. Build the perfect headline
The headline is read by 90% of the visitors, and if it’s not convincing, your visitors will get their information elsewhere. Studies show that the first and last three words of a headline are making the difference between a good and bad headline.
The best practices to create a perfect headline are:
– include numbers (eg. 6 elements…”
– use adjectives (eg. free, useful, interesting etc.)
– questions (eg. how to…, why… etc.)
– include keywords
– try a negarive approach (eg. “You should never…”)
– try to fit in the 60 characters that Google offers.

3. Add visuals
Visuals attract thre visitor’s attention and help you emphasize the most important elements. In general, customized images have a much greater impact on readers. You can add graphics, processes, illustrations or screenshots to your blog articles.

4. Cite an influencial person
People whose blog is accessed by tens of thousands of people daily can help attract a lot of new visitors to your website. How? By the fact that they share your blog article on social media. To determine them to share your post, your article must be about a certain technique that you learned, how you’ve adapted it according to your needs and what was the result.

5. Add sharing buttons
Whether you choose them to be plaed in the header, footer or on the side of the page, sharing buttons should not be missing. Your website visitors can quickly share your blog post through social media.

When things do not go exactly as expected, do not get discouraged! We look forward to hearing your stories after you have implemented out tips and tricks to attract a large number of visitors!