3 reasons to add video content to your website

Video content has a huge capacity to send multiple information in a very short period of time. In general, internet users are searching for quick solutions to their problems and in most cases they prefer watching a 3 minute video, than reading a 5 page article. Ok, but what about SEO? You don’t have to worry about it, because videos are an effective tool in business industry that keeps the viewers interested longer and they also help you rank well in search engine results. In addition, over 46% of people who view a video on a company’s website take some sort of action. They continue searching on the website, subscribe to the newsletter, view your social media profile or buy a product. This is proof that a video has the power to determine a user act like you want him or her to. Many brands were already convinced by the advantages that video content can bring to the table, and now is the time you do too!

Improve your inbound marketing strategy
A marketing campaign has, in general, three purposes:
1. to help a website rank well in search engine results;
2. to have content that can easily be shared on social networks;
3. to make a customer buy a product or service.

Adding video content to your website, whether it is a presentation website, an online store or any other kind of website, will help you accomplish all of these goals.

1. YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google who owns this video-sharing website. Based on the keywords used in the title and in the video descriptions, users are able to find quicker what they are looking for, even if they use Google and not YouTube to find answers. How is that possible? Simple. Google also displays video content in search results. In addition, users who view a video on a website, tend to stay on the site with up to 2 minutes longer than those who read a text. And the period of time a users spends on a website is a very important ranking factor for Google.
2. A video has more changes to be shared on social networks than a text. Every minute, on Twitter are shared over 700 YouTube videos. Through a professional video (design elements, texts and effects) you will get more users to your website.
3. I’ve already told you that some people prefer videos over text, but what is more interesting to me is the fact that 85% of visitors that have viewed a product video are tempted to buy it.

You target a wide audience
Let’s tell the truth on this one: when we are browsing the Internet on a mobile phone, we prefer to watch a video than read a text. The explanation is pretty simple: if ever read (or tried to read a long text on a smartphone, no matter how interesting it seemed at first, you lost your patience along the way. Even though a website is responsive, long texts seem more complex on the smaller screen of your smartphone. Secondly, when we read a text we need to focus only on that text. When it comes to videos, that is no longer the case. We frequently see people watching videos in the bus or while waiting in line for bread. While viewing video on a mobile phone increased to 532% in the last two years, this is another good reason why to create this kind of content for your website. Experts predict that by 2016, watching video on mobile phones accounts half of the total online views.

Stand out from the competition
Video content is very important to a company and statistics show that this kind of content is becoming more and more popular. It doesn’t matter if you use video content to showoff your brand and products, to answer to your customer’s questions or to introduce your team. What really matters is to leave a good impression to your customers and potential customers.