6 most important WordPress plugins for your travel website

Lately, people seem to realize that is more important to create memories, rather than invest in material things that only bring you joy for a short period of time. Because of this behaviour, both travel agencies as well as travel blogs have gone through a development phase. If you already have a WordPress website but you want to improve it or yoy want a new business in this field, now is the moment you’ve been waiting for.

The biggest advantage of using WordPress is that the user has full control over the website. In addition, the user can choose from almost 40.000 plugins so every website is unique and original. For travel websites, WordPress provides a wide range of plugins especially created for this niche. These include:

Stellar Places – a free, easy to install plugin that allows users to create, manage and display travel locations in Google Maps. It not only allows you to add multiple locations, but will also create a separate page for each location , which helps improve local SEO. It also provides the possibility to display on the map where some events, that your company organizes,  are taking place.

Time Zone Calculator – this plugin is dedicated to the people that travel internationally, since it calculates the time and date for different time zone countries.

Booking Calendar – allows visitors to verify the availability of a hotel or hostel and make an online reservation depanding on the desired date and time. The form can be customized to perfectly fit the design of the website.

World Currency – this plugin converts currency so that the prices are displayed in the visitor’s currency. Based on the visitor’s IP, World Currency automatically performs currency conversion. If a visitor wants information about other currencies, he/she can manually select the currrency that wants the conversion to be done into.

Strong Testimonials – is a free plugin that allows the user to customize how customer reviews are displayed.

Monarch Social Sharing – this plugin is built to attract more friends to social media and to facilitate the distribution of posts. The user can choose the way in which this plugin is integrated into the website, from social media sidebars to social sharing buttons or popups.

These plugins are designed to help develop a travel website and also to increase the number of bookings. A travel website with professional design elements that facilitate the election of the next location that a site visitor wants to discover, will win his/her confidence and it will attract more and more visitors.