Top 3 strategies to turn unhappy clients into loyal customers

Customer services has always been an essential tool in the development process of an online or offline company. However, the Internet and social networks give customers more channels to share their experience with a certain company. Considering the fact that more than 50% of unhappy customers will share their bad experience with virtual friends, every company must pay attention to this aspect.

How much time does it take to answer a question, how do you respond, how good are the solutions you provide to your customers – all of these elements contribute to customer’s experience with your company. When a customer contacts you and sais that one of your product does not respond properly, keep in mind that an unhappy customer can react very differently than another. Some of them will leave without saying anything, but they will never come back and some will let you know that they are unhappy. The thing is that both are disappointed by the attitude of the company in terms of customer needs. Remember that an angry customer will, in average will tell their story to nine people.

Here are the best 3 strategies that will help you turn angry customers into your biggest fans:

Listen to your customers
An unhappy customer wants to be listened. So, before suggesting a solution, listen to what the problem is, ask questions that can help you identify what were the elements that led to that problem. It is very important for an angry customer to show himthat you care and that you want to learn more about the problem he is having. Try to understand where this anger is coming from and put yourself into your customer’s shoes. For example, a customer that ordered a pair of sunglasses, waits for about a week to receive the package and then he discovers that one lens is broken. After you listen to him, tell him something like “You must have been very disappointed to wait for an entire week for this pair of sunglasses, only to see that it is broken. Don’t be deffensive and take advantage of this situation to improve your producs or services.

Take responsibility
Don’t make excuses for a broken product or for any other complaint your customers have. Don’t blame the delivery company or the whether when a package is not delivered on time. Accept your customer’s dissatisfaction and apologize. The way that you accept the problem and the way that you apologize is essential for your customers. Avoid using phrases like “We are sorry for the inconvenience, but we are not responsible for this issue. It’s the delivery company’s fault.” and say something like “I’m very very sorry that you feel this way about our company, product or service.”

Build a positive reputation
The reputation of a company is built in time, with hard work and with customers being the most important elements of this structure. In terms of customer loyalty for a brand, a customer who has a problem, but it was taken care of quickly and professionally, will have much more respect for that brand and it’s products or services. Moreover, a customer that was unhappy with with your company but you managed to solve the problem in a short period of time and in a kindly manner, will tell about this pleasent experience to his famili and friends.

So, the next time you have to deal with an angry customer, remember these 3 tips to empathize with the customer and to make him trust your business. Furthermore, never stop learning and always improve your products and services, like Bill Gates said ” The most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.”