Top 5 LinkedIn tools for your business

When you want to develop professional relationships and build a community around your brand, LinkedIn is the social network you need. Maybe you are thinking about the fact that your business is already available on Facebook or Twitter. Stop! Besides the fact that every social networks has different purposes, LinkedIn offers to its customers plenty of professional tools that allow a business to build it’s own online image, to increase sales or to recruit new team members.

The most important thing that webmasters want to measure in general is engagement. However, you may want to track posts more easily or maybe you are interested in payed advertising. This is the main reason why we decided to create a list with the most important LinkedIn tools that you need to start using right away.

1. Groups
With LinkedIn Groups you can get in touch with professionals in your field, but also with customers and potential customers. This is an effective method to give and receive answers to questions, to add job openings when you want to expand your team and many other exciting things. Groups is also an important tool in increasing sales.

For starters, it is recommended to sign up to several groups yo get familiar with the concept. Although, it is not enough to be a part of a group. Remember that your goal is to position yourself as an expert in your industry, so get involved in as many conversations as you can and provide answers to other member’s questions. Then you can create your own groups and find interesting or controlversial topics in your field.

2. SlideShare
LinkedIn bought SlideShare in 2012 and now it is used by 70 million people monthly. The company says that over 400.000 SlideShare presentations are posted on LinkedIn every month. This tool is so popular among users because of the fact that it provides information about the number of clicks, views and about the content. This allows you to make the necessary channges.

3. LinkedIn Recruiter
Using this tool, you can choose the best candidates from a large number. The good news is that those who are suitable for a job will be taken into account, even if they are not looking to make a change in their professional life. This tool also helps you get in touch more quickly with the suitable candidates by providing over 20 filters, such as years of experience, the city where the possible candidate lives, the job position and also interests and groups that he/she follows.

4. Sponsored InMail
With this tool you can send customized messages to people you want to get in touch with. The purpose of a message, be it email, banner or private message is to be read and to attract the attention of the recipient. With Sponsored InMail your messages will be sent only when the user is active on LinkedIn. This way, chances that your message is overlooked are slim to none. These messages can have different shapes and can have different purposes, from thanking a user that he/she has accepted your friend request to promoting your products or sending invitations to a certain event.

5. Showcase Pages
Companies provide, in general, several products or services to the customers and the best way is to promote each product/service separately. With LinkedIn Showcase Pages you can do that.

Thus, you will not be forced to include only a few products or services to your company’s profile. Showcase pages allows you to create extensions of the company’s page, so you can advertise each product and service separately. For example, if you have an online store but you sell clothes, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes, you can create a page for each category.