White Hat Vs. Black Hat SEO techniques

The main difference between White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO is established over the techniques used to obtain a better position in search engine results. The “white hat” term is used since the ’90s. Used in the past for web security experts, this term is associated today with safe and efficient search engine optimization techniques. At the opposite corner are “black hat” seo techniques that are mainly techniques that are not approved by search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo Search, Aol and others.

Black Hat SEO techniques include:

– adding invisible text on the website – this method worked a few years ago, but Google developed several algorithms that discover and penalize websites that are still using this technique. Adding invisible content to a website refers to adding certain keywords that are written in the same color as the background, so they are not visibile to visitors, but the pages to be indexed by search engines based on these keywords.

– doorway pages – these pages are created only to get a good ranking in search engine results and can affect the navigation experience of the visitors. The doorway pages can lead the visitors to pages that are not relevant to their initial search.

– keywork stuffing – this search engine manipulation technique is characterized by adding a large number of keywords in a text that doesn’t make any sense and it is not relevant to the user’s search.

– duplicate content.
– paid links – buying links just to increase online popularity.

The most important White Hat SEO techniques are:

– quality content – the purpose of search engines is to provide relevant information to its users. Constantly adding quality content is the most efficient method to optimize a website for search engines. Although it is a time consuming process, any seo strategy should be done around this issue.

– intuitive structure – your website structure is important not only for your visitors, but also for search engines. Every element, from page and article titles to establishing the keywords to every page.

– guest-blogging – is the process of writing a blog article for another person or for another company. The purpose of this method is to get backlinks that will help you occupy a top position in search engine results.